Fort Chaos info

Since i got a broadband internet connection at home in early 2003 i started to surf the net and play some online games.
I tried a lot of them but in the end i ended up playing Ubisofts "Ghost Recon".
After completing the single player mission that came with the game and those that were included in some mods i downloaded i thought it was time to try my skills online.

Surfing the net i stumbled on a server called "Fort Chaos" and each day there were the same crazy guys and girls online.
Playing there day in day out i got to know some of the people very good and we became real friends.
A few weeks later a good friend joined me in playing the game and we started our own little (2 members) clan ;)
So the [CHOQ-O] clan was born (inside joke, no i won't elaborate on this...) but the guys in Fort Chaos apparently liked us very much and it didn't take long before they asked us if we would like to join them.

As this was a real honor for us it didn't take us long to decide... farewell [CHOQ-O] and helloooooo =FC=.
Dropping our own tags and replacing them with new shine =FC= ones felt ohhhh so good ;) and good friends became even better ones.

In time we got involved a bit more in the organisation. Started up the clanbase tournament team, and when our beloved went down due to the fact that our webmaster fell of the face of the earth, we even created the new site (it's still running today).

In the following years we even got to know some of the people personally and i am proud to say that still today i can count some of them as my closest friends in real life 2.

So you see playing games and being online isn't a bad thing, also nice and good things can happen.

Now in the beginning of March 2006 we are awaiting with high hopes the release of the new Ghost Recon, called "Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter" may it be as good as the first one and may we play it as much... i would be a happy boy ;)

So whenever you want, drop by on or on our Ghost Recon and Teamspeak server and i hope i'll see you there