Curriculum Vitae

Below you can find 2 versions of my current Curriculum Vitae.
One in dutch and one in English.

A short high level overview


A2 Accountancy – computer science, Vrije Humaniora Sint-Ursula, Maaseik
2 years Communication Management, Hogeschool Limburg, Hasselt


Applications & Communications Management, Aron opleidingscentrum, Hasselt
Cobalt Qube, Raq administration, DCB, BrusselWatchgaurd VPN course, DCB, Brussel
(CISCO ICND) Interconnecting cisco networking devices, Landis ICT training, Brussel
(CISCO CIT) Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting, Azlan /Flexcom, Mechelen
(CISCO CCNA) Cisco Certified Network Associate, VDAB, Hasselt
(CISCO S802DT1X) Iintroduction to 802.1X operations for Cisco security Prof., Comstor Brussel


2011 Cisco Certified Network Associate (CISCO CCNA)


Dutch (native speaker)

Employment History

13-11-1998 until 8-10-1999: Helpdesk Operator @ Belgacom Skynet
08-10-1999 until 10-03-2000: V.I.P.- desk operator @ Belgacom Skynet
10-03-2000 until 31-12-2000: Senior V.I.P.- desk operator @Belgacom Skynet
01-01-2001 until 31-09-2001: Field Engineer @ Belgacom Skynet
01-10-2001 until 31-05-2009: Network support engineer @ Q Consulting / Silicomp Benelux
01-03-2012 until present: Network field engineer @ Guana network architects

Last update to this C.V. was done on: 15-05-2012